Injury Information

12-Year-Old California Middle School Student, Yahshua Robinson, Dies After Being Forced to Run

Middle school student Yahshua Robinson died during gym class after being told to run in the 90-degree heat when he arrived at class in his regular clothes. Before collapsing, Robinson was asking for help and water, he then fell and became unresponsive. Emergency personnel were called and rushed him to the hospital where he unfortunately… read more

Rib Fractures and Child Abuse

Children who are physically active can sustain rib fractures accidentally through sports injuries, trips and falls, and playground accidents. Rib fractures can also occur from blunt force trauma in car accidents. Yet in many cases, rib fractures signal child abuse. This is most common when the victim is less than two years old, since infants… read more

Torus Fractures in Children

A torus, or buckle, fracture can occur in children when something applies compressive force to an immature bone. Falls are the most common cause of torus fractures, in sports accidents or while playing on the playground. Because of this, they occur more commonly in the forearm and wrist than the legs. A child may suffer… read more

Greenstick Fractures in Children

A greenstick fracture is one that occurs in a young, soft bone. Soft bones, such as those in a child’s forearm or wrist, can bend and break. The phrase comes from the analogy of a fresh, green piece of wood that will bend outward instead of breaking cleanly. Greenstick fractures occur most commonly in the… read more

Corner or Bucket-Handle Fractures in Children

A corner fracture refers to injury of the metaphysis, or the growing plate at either end of long bones, such as the femur and tibia. The metaphysis is a piece of cartilage in children, not yet a fully ossified bone. Other names for a corner fracture are a bucket-handle fracture or metaphyseal fracture. Doctors used… read more