Los Angeles School Campus Bullying Attorney

Bullying is a hot topic of conversation throughout the country, but it takes a different tone when you discover it occurring to your own child.  School bullying used to be shrugged off as just a rite of passage throughout school.  However, it has since taken on a sinister trend with the advent of social media and the lengths to which bullies will go to ensure their tactics are understood by the general school public.  If your child has been the victim of school campus bullying in Los Angeles, an experienced attorney may be able to help hold the school district liable for any repercussions which occur.

School Campus Bullying and School Liability

Statistics indicate that approximately 30 percent of students now experience a form of bullying between the grades of 6th-12th.  These numbers are staggering, considering the total number of students this involves.  Bullying has become worse than ever in many school districts and has taken on an even deeper vindictive nature that many students find hard to move past.  School bullying can have a devastating impact on a student’s emotional well-being, unfortunately driving many to injure themselves.

Student Bullying

Social media has spurred a new era of campus bullying by students against each other and have fostered a community of emotional instability among adolescents.  While bullying was once considered merely a rite of passage by all children at some point in life (often told to just “suck it up” by their parents and teachers), the repercussions of campus bullying is now known to have profound effects on children.  Instances of school campus bullying can severely impact a student’s future, including their ability to participate in society and form close relationships.  What’s more, is that the advent of social media has allowed anonymous bullying to occur, so that one rumor can quickly become out of hand without any blame on the instigator.  Schools need to be more prepared than ever to combat these instances of bullying to protect students and ensure that the appropriate parties are punished.

Teachers as Bullies

Bullying has taken on an unfortunate new trend as parents have become more aware of the tactics to which coaches will take in trying to create the “winning” team.  A recent Atlantic article delved deep into the instance of bullying among educators, noting the football coaches who make players run until the first person vomits, or the little league coach who yells in the face of a 10-year old.  The article notes that the real issue is the failure of parents and other adults to speak up in the face of such bullying, despite the heavy focus on peer bullying in schools.  Studies have emerged in recent years which note the emotionally damaging effects which bullying from coaches and adults can have on a child.

Schools, school districts, and administrators often turn a blind eye toward instances of campus bullying, often citing the issue as “kids being kids.”  However, bullying is a nationally recognized problem that plagues most schools throughout the country, and most schools have developed a “zero tolerance” attitude toward bullying.

Victims of bullying may receive damages from the results of bullying, including emotional distress, pain and suffering, and wrongful death.  Bullying which is the result of a students’ race, religion, gender, or disability may further result in federal charges against the responsible party.

What To Do If Your Child Was A Victim of Bullying at a Los Angeles School

If your child has experienced school campus bullying at the hands of staff, faculty, or other students, you may be entitled to bring a claim against the school or school district.  Our Los Angeles school bullying attorneys at Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP put your family’s needs first and will work tirelessly to ensure the school is held accountable for their actions.  A school should be a safe haven for your children, and should not be the source of their most devastating experiences.  Contact our Los Angeles and Newport Beach offices today for your initial free consultation.