Los Angeles Gym / Physical Education Injuries

The school gym and physical education classes are the perfect source for students to burn off excess energy, and to ensure that they remain active throughout the day.  Gym and physical education activities are often the only time a student spends outside and gets some exercise in after a day of sitting in class or in front of the TV once they get home. However, schools and school districts have a standard of care to protect their students from injuries in gym class, and the failure to adequate supervise or monitor the use of equipment could lead to damages against the school district.

Gym and Physical Education Injuries at School

Gym injuries may occur in the following situations:

Physical education classes are often required in most school districts throughout elementary, middle school, and even high school.  Many high school students opt to take sports classes in lieu of physical education courses, but may also face severe injuries if a coach tells them to perform a dangerous task.

School districts have faced ongoing scrutiny by parents and the media in instances where students may be injured, but are not pulled out of gym activities or sports activities after the injury occurs.  This can result in severe and life-threatening injuries, especially in cases where the injuries lead to a concussion or brain injury.  Scientists and doctors are still working to fully understand the workings of the brain, and the severe impact a head injury can have on a student’s future.  The increased scrutiny which recent studies have placed on brain injuries has caused school districts to rethink football programs and related contact sports.  However, school districts continue to encourage active participation of contact sports, although should always proceed with caution in their supervision of students and should err on the side of healthy students.

Los Angeles County School District Negligence for Gym Injuries

A claim against a school district for its negligent hiring must be able to prove the following:

  1. The faculty member/teacher was incompetent to perform the job;
  2. The school district should have known of this incompetence and the risk of harm; and
  3. The student was harmed as a result.

In gym accident cases, the term incompetence can be taken to mean that the staff member was not properly trained by the school district and could not perform the job up to the standard required of the gym teacher.  A gym teacher who does not adequately supervise students, does not monitor the use of equipment, does not inspect equipment for damages, or gives the students orders which could be dangerous, is not acting at the appropriate standard of care which an ordinary gym teacher would act.  The gym offers many dangerous scenarios to students, many who use this time to run around.  A gym teacher must work to oversee the number of students in their class and ensure that no danger occurs during the class.

Los Angeles Physical Education Injury Lawyers

If your child was injured while playing in a gym or during a physical education class, you may be entitled to bring a claim for damages against the school district.  Your child should have appropriate supervision throughout the gym class, and the failure of a school district to hire staff who adequately monitors your children could result in severe accidents.  The attorneys of Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP have years of experience in assisting families with their negligence claims against school districts.  Contact our Los Angeles or Newport offices today for your initial free consultation.