Injuries at One of Orange County’s School Districts

In California, state statutes establish rules about how and when parents can sue public schools. Public schools in Orange County enjoy government immunity from student injury liability cases, with a few exceptions. Many Orange County school districts have their own procedures about negligence liability. Suing an Orange County school for negligence can be an uphill battle, but with the right child injury attorneys by your side, you have a fighting chance.

Understanding Orange County School District Liability

California separates its school districts into different types – unified districts include elementary schools and high schools, elementary districts include schools with grades K-8, and high school districts include high schools in the same area. There are 28 districts in Orange County from kindergarten to 12 th grade. The full list of Orange County school districts includes:

Elected boards of trustees locally govern school districts in Orange County, each operating as an independent agency. Once you know which district your child’s school is in, you can begin the process to recover financial damages to pay for your child’s past and future medical bills and pain and suffering.

Federal and state laws obligate school districts to provide reasonable care to their students. Despite the statewide statute that protects public schools from liability, parents can sue an Orange County school if the circumstances fall under an exception. School district negligence does occur. When this negligence results in student injury or wrongful death, parents can take the school district to court.

How to Sue an Orange County School for Injuries

If your child sustained an injury due to the gross negligence of an Orange County school, employee, or chaperone, the first step is to contact a child injury lawyer who specializes in school district liability. Recoveries available to you will differ depending on the circumstances of your child’s injury. For example, the legal process changes if the negligent party is a private school. Parents of children at private schools may win a lawsuit more easily than suits against public schools, because the government’s immunity does not extend to private schools.

The reason you sue an Orange County school doesn’t have to be for an act of negligence. You can also sue if your child suffered unaddressed bullying on campus, excessive school punishments, sexual harassment/molestation by a staff member, or discrimination. Any injury your child sustained at school or during a school activity might be grounds for a lawsuit. Don’t assume the courts won’t hear your claim due to government immunity – instead, ask a lawyer for professional advice.

When you work with an Orange County attorney, he or she will help you file your claim with the school district before beginning a civil lawsuit. Once you file a claim with a school district, the district has 45 days to respond. If the school district rejects the claim, which is common, your lawyer will file a claim with the courts. Then, your case will take relatively the same steps as a personal injury lawsuit.

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